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New edition of the IPython Minibook


The new edition of the IPython Minibook has just been released!

New Microsoft C++ compiler for Python 2.7 on Windows


Compiling C extensions for Python on Windows used to be complicated. One had to install the adequate (unsupported) versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and the Windows compilers. Furthemore, it was necessary to invoke some commands on the command-line interface before running Python or IPython. In the end, installing non-pure-Python packages, or building non-pure-Python distributions for Windows users was a pain.

Microsoft is now trying to simplify this task by releasing a compiler package specifically targetting Python 2.7. This means that it should be much easier to compile C extensions for Python 2.7 on Windows now.

IPython Minibook released


I'm glad to present my new book, Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization, Packt Publishing.

This book is a beginner-level introduction to IPython for interactive Python programming, high-performance numerical computing, and data visualization. It assumes nothing more than familiarity with Python. It targets developers, students, teachers, hobbyists who know Python a bit, and who want to learn IPython for the extended console, the Notebook, and for more advanced scientific applications.