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Featured recipes


The IPython Cookbook contains more than 100 recipes on numerical computing and data science with Python. The integrality of the code is freely available on GitHub. In addition, I have released several featured recipes so far. These recipes contain not only the code, but also the full recipe description, the explanations, and all references. They cover a wide range of the topics covered in the book. I intend to release more featured recipes in the future.

prettyplotlib is no longer being developed


Github issue #12.

prettyplotlib is covered in recipe 6.1. However, Olga Botvinnik (@olgabot) is no longer actively developing this library.

New Microsoft C++ compiler for Python 2.7 on Windows


Compiling C extensions for Python on Windows used to be complicated. One had to install the adequate (unsupported) versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and the Windows compilers. Furthemore, it was necessary to invoke some commands on the command-line interface before running Python or IPython. In the end, installing non-pure-Python packages, or building non-pure-Python distributions for Windows users was a pain.

Microsoft is now trying to simplify this task by releasing a compiler package specifically targetting Python 2.7. This means that it should be much easier to compile C extensions for Python 2.7 on Windows now.

IPython Cookbook released


My new book, IPython Interactive Computing and Visualization Cookbook, has just been released! A sequel to my previous beginner-level book on Python for data analysis, this new 500-page book is a complete advanced-level guide to Python for data science. The 100+ recipes cover not only interactive and high-performance computing topics, but also data science methods in statistics, data mining, machine learning, signal processing, image processing, network analysis, and mathematical modeling.