IPython minibook

Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization, second edition

Packt Publishing (175 pages, 25$, 10/2015)

This book is a beginner-level introduction to Python for data analysis:

This book is a beginner-friendly introduction to IPython/Jupyter for data analysis, interactive visualization, numerical computing, and high-performance computing. It is perfectly suitable to beginners with no programming experience (an introduction to the Python language is provided in the first chapter).

It targets students, teachers, researchers, engineers, analysts, journalists, hobbyists, and all data enthusiasts who are interested in analyzing and visualizing real-world datasets.

Table of contents

All code examples are freely available on GitHub as Jupyter Notebooks.

1. Getting started with IPython

2. Interactive data analysis with pandas

3. Numerical computing with NumPy

4. Interactive plotting and Graphical Interfaces

5. High-performance and parallel computing

6. Customizing IPython