New edition of the IPython Minibook

The new edition of the IPython Minibook has just been released!

What's new in this edition:

  • It makes a greater emphasis on data analysis with pandas and NumPy.
  • There are clear step-by-step instructions for beginners with no programming experience.
  • The code now uses Python 3, IPython 4.0, and the Jupyter Notebook.
  • There is a new introduction to the Python language for beginners.
  • Most of the contents have been rewritten, and almost all code examples are new.
  • There are examples of advanced Notebook features like interactive widgets and web-based visualization tools like D3.js.
  • As in the previous edition, there are contents for more advanced readers, like Numba, Cython, and parallel computing with IPython.

You will find more details on the Minibook page.

You can buy the ebook or paperback edition on Packt Publishing or Amazon.

Happy reading!